About Me

Hi, Frugal Friends!

 My name is Tee Washington!! Content Creator of Frugal In The City Youtube and Blog.  I'm a wife of 14 years and a mother of a 4  year old and I’m on a journey to become debt free within in 2 years! I’m inviting you on this journey with hopes to inspire, encourage and to hold myself accountable and stay committed. 

Why now? you might ask!

Now - Because enough is enough. 

Now - Because I have a 4 year old looking up to me.

Now - Because I want to model a financially responsible lifestyle.  

Now - Because I want to leave a legacy of faith and financial wisdom. 

So, what to expect from this site/channel?

This site/channel will serve as an evolving documentary of my debt free journey.

I will share with you the things that I'm learning and implementing along the way such as:

*Frugal spending tips

*Style on a budget tips

*Budget friendly places to go in Chicago.

* Wealth building strategies 

*Sound bites of Dave Ramsey ( The Total Makeover) and other financial resources. 

I hope to encourage and inspire viewers, readers and subscribers along my journey to become debt free, enjoy their city, and build wealth in style.

Frugal with purpose ,



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